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ePortfolio Initiatives at Virginia Tech
A service of Learning Technologies

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The ePortfolio Initiative, sponsored by Learning Technologies, is here to help students, faculty, and administrators. Read below to find out how!

 Mission Statement

The ePortfolio Initiative has as its central mission the goal of increasing effective use of portfolios and electronic portfolio technologies at Virginia Tech. This mission is being approached in three central ways:

  1. with Students: ePortfolios offer new and improved ways to share evidence of skills and experiences. We are working to ensure that all students at Virginia Tech have the ability to demonstrate their unique and valuable skills with professional, easy-to-use, and secure web tools.
  2. with Teachers: ePortfolios offer new ways to approach process-centered learning, as well as enhancing student engagement and clarifying learning outcomes for a course. We are working to ensure that all interested faculty can adopt the technology we have to meet their educational needs.
  3. with Administrators: ePortfolios offer new ways of assessing and demonstrating student learning. We are working to ensure that academic programs at Virginia Tech that have a need to collect and demonstrate direct evidence of student learning can adapt the technology we have to meet their assessment and accreditory needs.

 Portfolio Consultation

Our team will work with teaching faculty, research groups, or academic programs and departments to think through the many common questions involved in planning for and adopting a successful portfolio implementation. We offer expertise in instructional design and technology, as well as awareness of ePortfolio efforts at Virginia Tech and around the world. In addition, we have experience collaborating with a wide variety of academic and support programs, which we will bring to help your department. Finally, we offertraining and support for students. If you would like any more information about these services, please contact us.

 Technical Development

Working with the latest version of the Open-Source Portfolio (OSP) tools, which are housed within Virginia Tech's Scholar system, Virginia Tech's ePortfolio team offers expertise in developing the tools and templates that support a successful portfolio initiative, whether for an individual, a course, or an entire department or program. Our team will work with you to develop detailed specifications for your technology needs, to build the elements that are required, and to train your group to use them effectively.

Through more than a year of development, involving a dozen or more meetings with individuals and faculty groups, [the ePortfolio@VT team] have provided expertise in instructional design and assessment, technical advice, collegial support, and wisdom based on experience. In generous measure, they have offered us...time...attentive listening...expertise, experience, examples...[and] teamwork. ~ N. Metz, English Department