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What is a Matrix?

This page overviews the ePortfolio Matrix tool. The Matrix tool can serve many functions within the ePortfolio process.

For more information about designing a Matrix for your course, program, or college, please Contact Us.

Assessment Matrix

Overall, the assessment matrix will provide faculty the ability to collect assessment data on student learning outcomes using a systematic, continuous methodology that will subsequently support future programmatic curricular improvements. -- Susan Clark, Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics

For assessment and learning purposes, the Matrix can operate as a central place to collect, organize, and document instances of student learning. The Matrix looks a lot like a grid and can be organized through rows and columns. These rows and columns often represent learning outcomes and points of measurement, and they intersect to make cells into which students place copies of assignments, papers, presentations, projects and any other materials that exhibit their learning.


  • This matrix has learning outcomes listed across the top, as column headings
  • Every course in the HNFE, Dietetics sequence is listed along the left side, as row headings

Students can also fill out forms within the Matrix cells, and these forms can be designed by faculty to elicit certain information from their students: reflections, self-evaluations, peer feedback, and exam answers are just a few possible submissions. These forms can help assessment administrators gain valuable information, and the Matrices can store this information for as long as it is needed.