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ePortfolio Initiatives at Virginia Tech
A service of Learning Technologies

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ePortfolio Tools

Electronic Portfolio Initiatives at Virginia Tech utilize a robust set of tools, housed within the Scholar collaborative learning environment. These tools work by organizing specific instances of information and learning, as well as providing prompts and forms to elicit certain types of data and reflections on learning. This wealth of information can then be displayed in ePortfolio website presentations, which offer ways to showcase individual skills, student learning, and professional development.

The ePortfolio project is being coordinated by a team in Learning Technologies. These pages introduce you to the efforts of this team, as well as some reasons you may want to consider ePortfolio to improve your teaching and learning.

ePortfolio Matrix Tool


Portfolios have been used for decades in education as a tool for sharing and reflecting. ePortfolios re-enliven that process by adding to the mix the digital technologies that allow for multi-media presentations and easier (and vaster) data collection.

These pages are an overview of the matrix tool with some information about why ePortfolio can enhance your educational experiences. Learn more about the matrix tool.

ePortfolio Website Presentations


ePortfolios can be used to create purposeful, reflective websites that can be used for personal and professional development. They can showcase learning, skills, and achievements. Learn more about website presentations.