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ePortfolio Initiatives at Virginia Tech
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Getting Started with eP@VT

eP@VT is a site that is open to all students and faculty. It provides a basic ePortfolio template that offers six different pages, which you can use to showcase yourself and your accomplishments. Each page holds a standard template, already provided for you, which you can then either use completely or customize to meet your own aesthetic and functional needs.

In addition to the eP@VT site, you can also contact us to start creating your own completely personalized ePortfolio today.

As you get started building an ePortfolio in the eP@VT site, you may find the ePortfolio Guide to be a helpful resource.


It may also help to check out these instructional pages: 

Directions for Joining eP@VT

Directions for Adding the VT Portfolio Template

Directions for Creating Pages in your ePortfolio