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Ichthyology Matrix

Ichthyology Course Matrix


The Ichthyology Course matrix is designed around one semester and provides a tool to facilitate workflow, feedback, and assessment of four main course assignments. Within this matrix, students are able to submit multiple versions and drafts of their assignments. They are able to submit powerpoint presentations and audio files, as well. Upon clicking on a cell, students see detailed instructions and rationale for each assignment. They can then submit a reflection form that has been customized to prompt specific information from them. Their teacher, and course teaching assistant, can access their materials and offer feedback, in addition to providing evaluations of their work.

The image below shows the entire course matrix, and the video below offers a close-up explanation of the workflow provided by the matrix.

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Image of an Ichthyology Course Matrix


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Length: 01:06
Link: Ichthyology Matrix (SWF | 3MB)