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ePortfolio Initiatives at Virginia Tech
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This page overviews the types of projects that Virginia Tech's ePortfolio Initiatives have helped to develop. This page is not exhaustive of all portfolio efforts at Virginia Tech. Additionally, all portfolios are essentially reflective processes, so even these gallery exhibits are continuous works in progress, which means they are under constant revision. Click on the exhibits shown below to view some of the ongoing ePortfolio projects at Virginia Tech. Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about ePortfolios@VT.

For best results, view the galleries using the Firefox web browser.

ePortfolios for Learning

A strong benefit of ePortfolios is their ability to incorporate reflection into the learning process, and use of ePortfolios can provide designated moments of reflection throughout a course or program. Read more and view galleries...


ePortfolios for Assessment

ePortfolios can be used to collect, organize, and document materials to perform course-based and programmatic assessment. Read more and view galleries...

ePortfolios for Professional Development

ePortfolios can be used to facilitate personal and professional development. Current research shows that employers and corporate professionals have become increasingly interested in ePortfolios. Read more and view galleries...

Additional ePortfolios

Co-Curricular Engagement Portfolios

ePortfolios are also being created by the Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships to showcase the different engagement activities performed by students, faculty, and all members of the Virginia Tech community. Read more and view galleries...